You may have always thought whether my supplement is genuine or not when you are buying the supplement. Don't worry. You are not the only one who is worried about the authenticity of the supplements. Here, you will find information that you need to know to check the genuineness of the seller and product.

  • The Expiry Date or the Lot/Batch Number which can be verified by the manufacturer
  • Product Barcode (verifiable by manufacturer)


We import all the supplements that we offer from USA and UAE by verified and renowned vendors. Whenever you ask us to get a supplement, we will deliver you genuine supplement that you can verify easily.

WHY Supplements Town?

At Supplements Town , our aim is to help people get fit and acquire the desired body by using only 100% genuine supplements. That is why we always deliver high-quality supplements, imported from top-sellers.

We strive hard to make sure that the process of our supply chain is seamless and you always get authentic supplements.



We all come from the same nation. We all want to enjoy a healthy and fit lifestyle. However, when things come to picking the right supplements, it gets difficult to find genuine quality products at an affordable price.

The main issue with most online stores is that you can never know who's telling you the truth. And, even if they were, you would find only expensive supplements.

Plus, there are many marketplaces in the supplements industry. It is not a good practice to send your customers to a third-party and they never know if the website is genuine.

Here, Supplements Town comes into the picture. We don't send you to any third-party seller or any middlemen. We offer you authentic supplements shipped directly from the best-selling brands from the USA and UAE.

Today, we are glad to say that we are Pakistan's one of the 5th top supplements retailer.


Team Supplements Town!